Katherine Turner

Katherine TurnerAs a graduate mentor in the IE Pre-Grad Internship program, I was able to work with an exceptional student in a way that very much mirrors what I will be doing in the future as a university professor. We met weekly to discuss his project--the pitfalls of research and the joys of discovering some great tidbit. I was also able to introduce him to other graduate students in musicology with similar interests and get him involved with grad activities like attending graduate seminars and lectures, experiencing a lab section and a lecture course from the perspective of the instructor and thinking beyond the textbook for information.

This is an exciting program that I very much wish I had had access to when I was thinking about graduate school. My intern will no doubt be more prepared for the choices he will face and the inevitable challenges that are soon to be headed his way.

We continue to meet on a less regular schedule to discuss conferences, journals and his options for graduate institutions. I made not only a friend but a professional contact; we will be colleagues for many years and I look forward to continuing the relationships we have developed through the IE program.