Women's and Gender Studies Graduate Student Kritika Agarwal

Kritika AgarwalWhen I first met Busola, my IE Pre-Grad intern, she was confused about whether to pursue graduate school in Women's and Gender Studies or Public Health. To help her decide, we talked about her goals and what she wanted out of graduate school the most.

I was especially struck by Busola's urge to find a balance between theory and action; Busola is a very practical young woman who wants to apply her college education to reducing gender disparity in access of public health.

During the course of the internship, Busola and I discussed the application process and how to find the right school for her as well as the challenges of being a graduate student. Busola also met some of my colleagues who talked about their passion and research with her and answered questions about their individual experiences as graduate students. I also invited her to attend several conferences and talks related to public health and gender issues on campus. Finally, we also worked on her CV and statement of purpose for graduate school. I am glad that Busola has decided to pursue her Master's in Public Health and I wish her all the best!