Psychology Doctoral Student Julie Milligan Hughes

Julie HughesSo the best thing for me about being in the IE Pre-Grad internship program, as a graduate student, has been that is has given me the opportunity to practice a role that is very important in my field. In psychology, which is my department, I feel that it's really important to be learn how to be a good mentor to students. And being a mentor in this pre-graduate internship program has given me the chance to explore that role and to learn what it's like to be personally responsible for the growth of a student in my field. This experience has been invaluable and unique because, even though in my research lab here at UT we work very closely with undergraduate students and rely on them very much, ultimately their experience as helpers in my lab is the responsibility of my mentor. If they're to grow, it's because my mentor helps them. And I haven't yet had the experience of being responsible for my own mentee's growth in the field, and being in the IE program has given me the opportunity to learn what that's like, and to understand what skills are necessary, and to practice using those skills, to become a good mentor.

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