Law School Mentor Ja-Mes Sloan

Ja-Mes Sloan Having a mentee was a wonderful opportunity for me to remember why exactly I came to law school. My mentee's curiosity about all aspects of the legal profession was inspiring to me and encouraged me to renew my interest in the law and its pervasive presence in our society. Joining me in a real estate development class, my mentee further realized the breadth of the legal field.

As a member of the National Black Law Student Association, it is one of our goals to increase diversity in the legal field. In order to do this, it is crucial to increase diversity in law schools nationwide. The IE Pre-Grad Mentor Program encourages students from diverse ethnic, racial, and educational backgrounds to apply to law school. I was able to provide my mentee both advice on the application process and a brief glimpse into the life of a law student. I was honored to be a part of a program that takes such a pivotal role in fostering diversity in higher education and in the legal profession.