English/Comparative Literature Pre-Grad Intern Joanna Thaler

Joanna ThalerMy experience in the IE Pre-Grad Internship is almost inexplicable. I feel that everyone needs to experience it because everyone's internship will be different. Mine was absolutely phenomenal! Not only was I given a new research assignment every week, which helped me to learn and utilize many of UT's amazing resources, but I was able to travel to Harvard University with my graduate student, to attend the annual conference of the American Comparative Literature Association. It was this conference experience that really solidified my desire to enter into the world of academia. I was surrounded by renowned professors from over 50 countries, and from every discipline, all there under one united purpose: to learn from gaining the enlightened perspectives of colleagues. I had the privilege of interacting with graduate students and professors from all over the world, and they could give me incredible insight into the life of a scholar. Though it seems scary and extremely difficult at times, I tell many people that I honestly cannot wait for the day that I am as exhausted and frustrated as those professors and graduate students who are living my dream. I could not have had this life-changing revelation without the IE Internship, and I will recommend it to anyone!